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Navigating SOPs and Training Requirements in Cannabis

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Legal cannabis industry is a very dynamic industry - and one in which compliance plays a central role and can affect all types of daily decisions that cannabis operators make. 

In this upcoming Rootwurks webinar, you can hear two compliance and training experts discuss the steps cannabis companies can take to ensure they meet all of their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the compliance demands of the industry.

About this Webinar

“I think at the end of the day this industry is a compliance industry and we get to sell cannabis to the masses if we follow the rules.”

This comment by Colin Mudd of Konope Compliance in a recent Rootwurks blog post highlighted how central compliance is to the cannabis industry and why these guidelines are key to whether or not a company succeeds.

These guidelines and programs like Responsible Vendor Training are also designed to protect public safety and ensure that companies are doing their utmost to safeguard the health and safety of their employees and customers. 

In this webinar, you can hear Colin Mudd and Chase Eastman, the Founder and CEO of Rootwurks, discuss how companies can meet the training and compliance demands of the industry.

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Who Can Benefit?

Around half a million people across the country work in the cannabis industry and millions more are regular cannabis consumers - and may also picture themselves working in the industry someday. 

This webinar will benefit current and would-be cannabis professionals who want to learn more about the importance of compliance and how the right training can help them and their colleagues meet the demands of the cannabis industry.

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Viewers will gain expert insight on:

  • The difficulty of meeting all your compliance needs
  • Why compliance is so important in cannabis
  • How companies can integrate compliance and training into their daily operations
  • How Responsible Vendor Training can help and what it entails
  • How compliance guidelines improve safety
  • How proper safety training can help companies meet their compliance needs
  • And more!

Meet Your Speakers


Colin Mudd - Founder and Principal Consultant | Konopé Compliance 

Colin Mudd is the founder and principal consultant for Konopé Compliance, a Colorado-based provider of consulting services for cannabis companies, including state-certified Responsible Vendor Training. The company also provides compliance auditing for licensed cannabis facilities and assists with state and local licensing applications. Colin was previously the manager of compliance for Schwazze and national director of compliance for incredibles and a long-time manager at multiple dispensaries in Colorado.      

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Chase Eastman - Founder and CEO | Rootwurks 

Chase Eastman has more than 15 years of experience in food manufacturing courseware development and workforce training, including in senior leadership roles at Alchemy Systems, the global leader in food manufacturing safety and compliance. His expertise in workplace safety and training in food manufacturing has played an integral role in the founding of Rootwurks. 

Our Webinar Partners

This event would not be possible without our partners’ insight and years of experience in the cannabis industry.

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Hosted by Rootwurks

Rootwurks is a cannabis e-learning and compliance management platform built through the know-how of some of the leading experts in food manufacturing compliance and cannabis law. The centerpiece of the company is the Rootwurks Learning Experience Platform (LXP), an online cannabis education and compliance tool that was designed to help companies meet their compliance needs and receive educational guidance to build a culture of safety in their daily operations.