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How to "Self-Audit" Your Cannabis Company With the Rootwurks Learning Experience Platform

It’s one thing to stay on top of your compliance needs in cannabis. It’s another to ensure compliance across multiple departments and business locations, especially considering how often these guidelines change.  

In this on-demand Rootwurks webinar, our team will show you how to use the audit module of the Rootwurks Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to oversee compliance adherence and find where you may have room for improvement - before the regulatory authorities pay their next visit.

About this Webinar

Legal cannabis is a fun, dynamic, and wholly unique industry with a culture all its own. 

But legal cannabis is also an industry that is subject to extensive regulation - and no shortage of compliance guidelines for companies to meet. 

This is why we developed the Rootwurks LXP - to help simplify cannabis compliance and provide companies with the tools to improve safety and cannabis education in the workplace. 

A major component of the LXP is the audit module, and in this webinar, the Rootwurks team will highlight how companies can use it to self-audit their operations and ensure they left no stone unturned.

In this webinar, viewers will gain expert on: 
  • How to use the LXP to perform internal audits with customizable content & checklists
  • How to ensure your operations are ready for state regulatory audits
  • How to audit team performance on compliance tasks in real time
  • Using our audit templates, which were crafted to meet specific compliance exams
  • Why employees should be empowered to play their part in compliance and safety audits 

Who can benefit from this on-demand webinar?

No matter their role, every cannabis industry professional is affected by the compliance and safety demands of the industry. This on-demand webinar can benefit all types of cannabis professionals who are interested in ways that they can simplify compliance and ensure their team is ready when state regulators pay a visit. 

Meet Your Speakers

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Chase Eastman - Founder and CEO | Rootwurks

Chase Eastman has more than 15 years of experience in food manufacturing courseware development and workforce training, including in senior leadership roles at Alchemy Systems, the global leader in food manufacturing safety and compliance. His expertise in workplace safety and training in food manufacturing has played an integral role in the founding of Rootwurks.

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Connie McGarrah - Director of Revenue | Rootwurks

Connie has more than 15 years of experience leading Operations, Customer Success, Design, Training & Quality, and Onboarding teams across media, food service, and food safety industries. Connie has also been an advocate for safe, legal cannabis use over the years.


Alberto Septien - Enterprise Account Executive | Rootwurks

Alberto has spent more than a decade in the cannabis industry, including as the manager of a San Diego dispensary and the founder of Canopy Athletics, a hemp supplement and lifestyle company based out of California. Alberto also brings a wealth of experience in IT, marketing, and business development.

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Produced by Rootwurks

Rootwurks is a cannabis e-learning and compliance management platform built through the know-how of some of the leading experts in food manufacturing compliance and cannabis law. The centerpiece of the company is the Rootwurks Learning Experience Platform (LXP), an online cannabis education and compliance tool that was designed to help companies meet their compliance needs and receive educational guidance to build a culture of safety in their daily operations.